Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him

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We seek to inspire men through the power of dynamic, community-focused workout groups. We foster growth through three core principles:




Current Workouts

Currently, we have four workouts per week, spread across two locations. Feel free to join us at any of the following:

Rise and Grind

When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 0600

Where: Santa Rita Park

Weekend Ruck

When: Saturday at 0600

Where: Sky Steps (Top)

Core Principles

While they may seem simple, these principles are the foundation of F3, the glue that holds us together, and the thing that makes us different from other workouts.

Free of charge

You will never be charged for any workout.

Open to all Men

Weight or fitness level do not matter. You are welcome.

Held outdoors

Whether rain or shine, hot or cold, we will meet you in the gloom.

Peer Led

Workouts are directed by other members who volunteer.

Ends with COT

An opportunity to share announcements and requests.

We all have excuses

Believe us, we've heard them all. But we're here to help you overcome them. Here's a few of the most common ones we hear.

I'm out of shape

That's a great place to start. You are free to modify any workout as needed, the important part is that you're here.

I'm not a fast runner

That's okay! We leave no man behind and circle back as needed without shaming, ridicule, or insult.

I don't know anyone

Great! You'll meet a lot of new people. We're all here for to become better men, but step one is showing up.

I'm not a morning person

Neither are most of us. But we're here to get better, and that means getting up and getting after it.

I don't like someone there

Put your ego aside. You may find this is a great chance to mend the relationship.

I'm not a religious person

We're not sectarian, so you are welcome regardless of your faith or lack thereof.

I already have a gym

Not a problem. Commit to coming once a week and see how it goes.

I don't have the time

You have a duty to yourself and your family to be healthy and strong. Make the time.

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